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We have a range of broadband connections

Our range of Business Broadband products is suitable for Voice and Data connectivity.

Our “plug and play” routers are prioritised for VoIP traffic to deliver our industry-leading products. Broadband speeds vary considerably depending on your connection type.


This is the technology used to connect you to the internet via copper telephone lines. With higher frequencies than the original ADSL technology, it allows much faster broadband speeds! Suitable for VoIP with upload speeds in the 200 to 448kbps.


Fibre-to-the-cabinet brings a fibre optic connection much closer to your premises, which gives a greater probability of achieving faster download and upload speeds. FTTC can support up to 30 simultaneous VoIP calls.


Fibre-to-the-premises provides an end-to-end fibre optic connection from the exchange to your premises and can deliver faster speeds than FTTC. FTTP should provide a more resilient upload speed for larger businesses with more than 30 simultaneous calls.

Leased line

This is an uncontended Fibre or leased line connection to your premises. It is useful for businesses that would like a more private circuit. However, there are substantial cost implications for that privacy.

Dedicated account manager

Every Clarity Telecom customer has a dedicated field-based account manager, and a dedicated desk based account manager. Between the two you will find “Best in Class” customer service from consultants who are knowledgeable & efficient.

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Are you still on ADSL broadband? Did you know most of the UK and Ireland are benefiting from the next generation of broadband delivered through Fibre?

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