Clarity Website gets a makeover!

It’s nice to have something new. Our company website hadn’t been updated in a few years and we wanted to be able to tell you all about the great work we’ve been doing with UK & Irish businesses over the last while, as well as the many services we deliver to improve your businesses telephony.

Clarity has been leading the way in Telephony in the UK and Ireland for the last 15 years, with our local competitors trying to keep pace with ourselves. We currently serve thousands of customers across the two islands and we’re delighted to be able to be able to showcase this work more succinctly through our new website.

Exciting developments within the telecoms industry, improved fibre broadband availability, and increase customer demand are bringing the next generation of phone lines (VoIP) to the market. Many of our existing customers have already made the switch away from traditional phone lines and are seeing the benefits, not just on their monthly bill but in the efficiencies that VoIP allows us to implement.

Built on our own hosted cloud platform, rather than our competitors who only white label a solution, Clarity VoIP is simply a mile ahead of anything else in the marketplace.

We’ll be updating our news sections regularly, and would be delighted to hear from businesses who are looking to take the next step in their telecoms, and use their phones to generate additional revenue for their businesses.


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