Voice Over IP
The Power of Simple

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Simple for
the manager

Improve your organisation’s efficiency with simple insights.

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Simple for
the user

You control your phone system from any device and any location.

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Simple for the administrator

Switch it, change it, tweak it, with the drag and drop call flow.

Drag and Drop Call Flow
Set up call flows instantly, live and in real-time
The drag and drop technology means that anybody can create the inbound call routing for their VoIP phone system for even quite complex organisations in an instant. No need to depend on a phone company. Switch numbers and add or remove users and when you need to. It couldn’t be more simple, you build the cloud based phone system that works for you.

Powerful Reporting

Make your business more efficient and improve your customer service with our powerful VoIP phone system reporting tools. Reveal facts about your overall call performance and drill down further to see how your team are performing on an individual level. You can even trial it.

All the VoIP features you could possibly need
All the VoIP features you could possibly need ?

The Clarity team have created a range of amazing features on our cloud based VoIP phone system to make telephony more flexible for you and help you increase sales. Take advantage of Time Conditions, Geo Numbers, IVR and Voice to Email, to name but a few of our fantastic features. You can even use our features across as many devices as you like.


Choose the plan that suits you…

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Power Unlimited
Clarity Enterprise

Get all the power of the Clarity system by purchasing the enterprise edition with every feature. Reporting, roles and permissions are only available in the enterprise edition.

From just £12 per user/ per month

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Upgrade as you go
Clarity Lite

Clarity Lite allows you to simply pay for the services that you use and upgrade them as you go. Reporting, roles & permissions are not available in the lite version.

From as little as £3 per month

…and the device you wish to use

Group 705
Desk Phones
Using State of The Art hardware simply connect your desk phone into your LAN and auto configure to your system.
Group 706
Download a Softphone

Download a softphone to send and receive calls using any PC, mobile or tablet, over the internet.

Group 700
Browser Phone
With Web RTC any computer that has a microphone can join the system. Turn any browser anywhere in the world into a phone by logging into the system. No downloads required.
Group 698
Any Number
Download a pre-configured softphone and join any telephone number to the system.
Get the App
Take your office with you and use your desk phone anywhere
An organisation needs more flexibility than a single phone number tied to a single phone. With the Clarity app you can free or untie a phone number from a phone/device or a location.
Route all your inbound landline calls to your company mobiles, make outbound calls from your mobile presenting your landline office number.

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