Traditional Landline

We offer a wide range of landline solutions

Our UK landlines are supplied and supported by Openreach.

Openreach are part of the BT Group, but are heavily regulated to ensure that no one provider has an advantage over the other. As such we buy our lines and support from Openreach on the same basis as everyone else. No competitor can deliver or support lines quicker than we can.

Group 173@2x

Single line PSTN

You will find these lines in most homes & businesses. They can be used in conjunction with ADSL or FTTC to supply broadband connectivity to your premises. We can provide new analogue lines in as little as 24 hrs* (*subject to survey).

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Multi-line PSTN

Multi-line PSTN provide 1 phone number, but multiple lines to call out on, or receive calls through. They do not support broadband. A basic phone system can be used for call handling on a multi-line (sometimes cheaper than the equivalent ISDN solution).

Group 183@2x


For small – medium business users. ISDN2 Digital System Lines: Must be connected to an ISDN capable Phone System to work correctly. The Phone System or PBX is programmed to handle calls as required. ISDN2 Digital Standard Lines: Typically used for data applications owing to the inability to support line hunting or multiple channels beyond the initial 2.

Group 188@2x


For medium – large business users. Each ISDN30 bearer is supplied with a minimum of 8 channels and a maximum of 30. Multiple bearers can be supplied to support 100s of channels. ISDN 30 lines have applications for handling individual calls as well as combining them for high bandwidth applications such as video conferencing or the transfer of large files.

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DDI numbers can be used by customers dialling in, to take them directly through to the right person or department without having to navigate a receptionist or switchboard. 

(Available on ISDN2 Digital System and ISDN30)

Our engineers will find you the right system for your infrastructure

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Other factors to consider:

The reliability of your broadband vs ISDN

How reliable has your broadband been? What type of exchange are you connected to?

Openreach ISDN 2020

Openreach launched a consultation with its Communications Provider (CP) customers and industry groups about the move from analogue telephony to digital voice services. The consultation will help prepare the industry for the upgrade to ‘Voice Over IP’ technology and the withdraw of wholesale products and serves that run over the traditional analogue telephone network – due to close in 2025

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