Two Simple Options for
Remote Working

A fully functioning hosted system or a number management system on top of your current PBX

Byphone phone system
With home worker module

A fully functioned phone system that is simple enough for each user to manage and sophisticated enough to work with most CRM systems.

Toggle between working at home and the office with a single click.

Byphone Easyroute
Expand your office system

Use our number management system to allow you manage your calls so that you can include home workers with your current system.

A phone system in the cloud that expands your office system

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I'm in contract with another provider

If you’re currently in contract, our EasyRoute will be the best solution. At the end of the contract, we can discuss implementing a more permanent solution.

I only have one phone number

If your business only has one phone number connected to their office phone system, we will need to arrange an extra number for diverts from EasyRoute. This is free, however an engineer will need to programme it to your current phone system. 

With a byphone hosted phone system, it will be seemless as you will now be in the cloud.

Staff will alternate between the office and home

If you have a mixture of staff coming and going from the business premises, either option will work. However, with a fully functioning byphone system, they can be anywhere in the world with one click of a button.

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