Now your team can answer multiple calls at the same time, without adding extra phone lines.

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You divert your calls to our system and we ring all the devices (other phones / computers) that you nominate in any order that you like.

By routing your calls through our phone system you will have access to a range of services without any new equipment.

A customer calls

When a customer calls they will first hear a pre-recorded announcement of your choice.


“Welcome to our business, we will be with you shortly.” Or “We are closed now and will be open at 5pm. Please leave a message.”

Ring Group

Up to three calls will ring on up to 6 devices that we set up in advance for you. Mobiles, computers, other landline numbers.

Time conditions

You can play a different announcement when you are closed and pass the call straight through to voicemail. This can be different days of the week or times of the day or both. £5 extra p.m.

Transfer calls between users

If you receive a call you can transfer the call to another member of your team. Included in the price.

How does MultiCall work?

Step 1

You divert your number to a new number that we give you.

Simply phone your provider and ask for an exchange level divert.

Step 2

Choose how your phone system will ring.

A simple system might have three devices, a mobile, a computer with a microphone, and another phone on a different landline number. The system allows you to ring all three devices at the same time or in any sequence that you specify – you could ring one phone for ten seconds, followed by including a second phone and so on.

Step 3

You divert your number to a new number that we give you.

Simply phone your provider and ask for an exchange level divert.

“A very professional company from the outset, it’s been 8 years of excellent customer service on a diverse range of products. We would have no hesitation in recommending Clarity Telecom as an A1 telecoms supplier.”

One size doesn’t fit all, so talk to us about the right solution for you

You could also opt for a more flexible arrangement, where you have three designated users and each of these users has a range of devices that they specify how they would like the call to ring.

In this case each user might attach their mobile phone and their home phone number.

You choose and it can be set up in minutes

If you would like other services, such as call records, call recording, just let us know and we will be able to set it up for a small additional charge.


Service includes:

Three simultaneous calls
Up to 6 devices
Voicemail sent to email

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How can MultiCall help your business?

Restaurant or takeaway

With social distancing rules your business might now need more phone line capacity as people make more calls to order in advance.

By using MultiCall you can spread the load. The kitchen can concentrate on making the food, and the orders could be captured by somebody in the front office or at home, sending emailed orders into the kitchen. Alternatively one person could capture most of the orders, but any overflow could go to staff in the kitchen or another team member at home. Multi call makes sure that your don’t loose any precious business.


With social distancing customers might ring the shop to find out about opening hours and product availability.

The system allows the shop to field multiple calls and even pass the overflow calls to another member of staff at home or on their mobile. This way you don’t miss any calls, any unanswered calls are transferred to vociemail and then emailed to you directly.


As you are out on a job and you don’t really want to be interrupted by the phone all the time.

With MultiCall the phone can ring on several devices in your home office where a family member or a colleague could answer queries from customers, whilst you are focussed on the job at hand.

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