VoIP Installation: Mid and East Antrim Borough Councils switch to Cloud Communication

Author: David Whelan

Mid and East Antrim Borough Councils

The merging of Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Larne Borough Councils formed the new and fresh Mid and East Antrim Borough Councils in April 2015. The most significant change in over 40 years. They are responsible for all Council related duties such as recycling, tourism and planning for over 138,000 people in their district.

The Situation:

With the newly reformed Councils throughout the province a complete new inbound call routing plan across 26 sites required creation, including a fresh streamlined call flow for over 600 unique phone numbers.

The Council had three main sites, each with their own traditional phone system. They had two main goals, the merging of the three existing phone systems and collecting data from their phone systems to improve their service levels. They wanted things such as, missed call reports, average wait times, total outbound calls.

This was our challenge; how can we give granular reports over three sites that are not linked in any way, while capturing the data of over 600 phone numbers.


We decided to start with how we can streamline the 600 phone numbers, we thought if the council only had one number, eventually they would no longer need so many. So, we began with a 0300 number that we host in our cloud and filtered all old numbers into it to ensure no calls where missed. We were then able to start looking at collecting data as and when a call came into our number.

Once a call came into the 0300-cloud based number, we could implement several features also in the cloud, such as an IVR and announcements. This way customers can now select which office they wish to speak with and we can filter the call to the relevant office, still while collecting data. Therefore bringing all three sites together via 1 telephone number and 1 reporting tool all while not touching current equipment.


Shane Moore,

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

“Ballymena and now Mid and East Antrim Borough Councils have been using services from Clarity Telecom over the last number of years, we have always found them professional and easy to work with, the provision of excellence from all aspects of the business cannot be overstated.

Last Year the Councils introduced a complete new Inbound Call Routing plan across all 26 sites due to the Local Government Reorganisation (Merging of Councils), the work and assistance in setting this up and configuration such a complicated solution from the support / customer services team within Clarity was outstanding, nothing was ever a problem.

Our dedicated Sales Director keeps us abreast of new services, products and technical direction within the marketplace on a monthly basis ensuring we utilise the technology and infrastructure to meet all our internal objectives, without Clarity

Telecom, this would not be easy, in addition to this he continually manages our existing day to day account. Their desk based account managers are always at the end of a phone for us and we cannot fault the service we get in any way.

In summary I’m looking forward to working with Clarity for years to come as their professional and positive attitude makes my life that little bit easier.”