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The key to designing any commercial WiFi network
is knowing what are you designing it for:

A fast and secure commercial WiFi network is vital for today’s organisations. Most businesses rely heavily on the internet for their day to day running and so a reliable commercial Wi-Fi network means a more productive business.

commercial Wifi network applications

We start by figuring out how you use your WiFi within your organisation. Do you need to handle voice applications on various devices or improve the signal distribution? Are you providing a free visitor or public wifi? Our team can find the solution to suit your network. We can also help you avoid data swamp by a device and provide network access rather than cable.

Our network designers will assess your existing network and through put capacity. We then assess the design requirements, capacity, and resilience required before we design the network.

commercial Wifi network design

Commercial WiFi Coverage

We can map the signal and see where the blind spots are. In smaller buildings it is possible to use certain routers to manage access point extensions. 

We make sure these access points are wired separately rather than daisy chain back to the central switch through repeaters. In larger buildings and multi floor a local controller would be required.

Separate Network

With voice or other specific application solutions there can be a requirement to separate the network. 

Enables reliable VoIP deployment over a WiFi network. This is done at a switch level. We recommend using a local controller to manage this process. Although in smaller buildings it can be done at the router level.

separate commercial Wifi network
multiple separate Wifi networks

Multiple Separate WiFi Networks

By using local controllers we can create a series of wifi networks that don’t clash, giving each application that runs on these networks an amount of guaranteed bandwidth.

Mesh of Access Points

Single or multiple access points. Manage the traffic per access point, and the handoff from one access point to another – this can also limit the amount of data a particular device consumes.

multiple sites

Multiple Sites

A centralised management platform can bring many wifi sites together into a centralised system, with common passwords, blacklisting capabilities etc.

Existing Commercial
WiFi Network

Whatever your requirements we can advise on your WiFi network and how we can integrate it with your existing infrastructure.

existing commercial Wifi network
small shop

Small shop commercial WiFi scenario:

800 sq ft (option for chain ten stores). They only used the internet for the cash machines. The building did not have much cabling.

Solution 1:

A single access point was deployed and set up for voice. This separated the voice from the small amounts of data that were used. Staff just used an an on their mobile for voice calls. Resilience on for the router was supplied by a SIM card in the router so that they were always able to work the cash machines.

Solution 2 (Chain stores):

All of the WiFi access points were controlled by a central controller via a web portal. This allowed the stores to update common passwords and rate limit traffic on each network. It also allowed them to check what devices were using the traffic to make sure the staff weren’t using the network for personal use.

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