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We want you to get the best business phone system for your infrastructure

We have a bias towards internet based phone systems, but we know your internal cabling might only support a traditional business phone system. That’s why we do so much testing on your internet circuit before we install a system.

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There are two types of Business Phone System (PBX)

The traditional on premise landline

Traditionally, phone systems on premises handle call routing and intelligence in a box on a wall, or in a server rack.

A Voice over IP phones system

With the advent of super fast broadband businesses are realising the cost and efficiency benefits of a cloud based telephone system.

We recommend a traditional phone system:

Traditional Business Phone System

When cabling is an issue

If your cabling is old, then the chances are it was designed for a traditional phone system. There cannot be any weak lines for a VoIP phone system to work. Browse our range of landline solutions to see what suits you.

Traditional Business Phone System

When connectivity is weak

An important thing to consider is the speed of your broadband, and more importantly its stability. Do you have other systems that might place a lot of demand on the shared connection?

We recommend a Voice Over IP system:

VoIP Business Phone System

When cabling is good

If your cabling is good, it should be able to support a VoIP system. A dedicated Fibre connection for voice should provide you with satisfactory results and allow you move to VoIP with a good deal of confidence.

VoIP Business Phone System

When connectivity is good

We have 3 tests we can run that will give good indications as to how voice will perform on your network. It’s important your connection has enough bandwidth available for the voice packets.

Smart Phone Systems for Small Businesses

A business phone system might not be at the top of your priority list, but given 80% of business communications take place over the phone, the cost of a poor phone system on your business might be more than you thought.

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