Delivering your calls via Broadband, Clarity VoIP is best in class.

Prioritised for VoIP traffic to deliver our industry leading products, below is a brief description of each type of connection that we deliver.Each simultaneous call uses between 30kb -100Kb each way depending on the Codec we use. Broadband speeds vary considerably depending on your connection type.

Line Reduction / Expansion

Line Reduction / Expansion

Clarity VoIP is highly flexible and lines can be increased or decreased quickly, without the traditional cost associated with line installation. Perfect for a growing office or a startup business, Clarity VoIP is scalable & flexible to your requirements.


VoIP it

Call Packages

We recognise every business is different which is why we tailor our packages to suit your calling patterns. Known for having the most competitive VoIP rates in the UK & Ireland, Clarity Telecom will not be beaten.

VoIP Applications

VoIP Applications

Not only fantastic for reducing and managing your line rental costs, Clarity VoIP has applications like Voicemail2Email, Low Cost International Calling, Remote Working & other applications to enhance your telephony.


Dedicated Account Manager

Every Clarity Telecom customer has a dedicated field based account manager, and a dedicated desk based account manager. Between the two you will find “Best in Class” customer service from consultants who are knowledgeable & efficient.

Clarity Link


Provides you with SIP channels to an IP enabled phone or phone system. This system works in the same way that your telephone lines currently do. We provide you with a direct access to the Tier One phone network from your VoIP enabled device. 

Clarity SoHO

As a Clarity Landline customer you will have access to our fantastic online billing analysis software. Allowing you to dig deep into your calling habits, easily identify areas where you can cut costs, and find out exactly where your calls are being made.

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