Personalised ring group

Add a range of personalised phone services to your number.

How does it work?

Tailor your ring group to suit your business.

Move your number to our platform and manage it to ring a number of phones or devices. Enhance your number with extra services outlined below.


Greet your callers with your own pre-recorded message.

It’s simple, you record the message you’d like your callers to hear and upload it to the system. You can have 1 announcement or several at different stages of the call depending on what suits your business.

Time conditions:

Manage where your call rings by time of day.

For example, a call could ring during working hours on a few phones and then go to a voicemail or a different number outside of working hours.

Auto attendant (IVR):

Direct your callers to the right department for a frustration free calling experience.

Press 1 to speak to a certain group of phones, press 2 to speak to a different group of phones etc.

Bespoke music on hold:

Brighten up your ‘on hold’ with some music.

Choose the music you would like your caller to hear when they are on hold.

Call transfer:

Easily transfer calls to another number.

Transfer calls to any number or device. Need to continue the conversation on the move? Simply transfer you’re call to your mobile.

Call recording:

Keep a record of any and all of your calls.

Record all your calls, or activate the call recording as you are speaking.

Day Night toggle:

Set your personalised ring group to out of hours mode with a simple instruction.

Finishing work early? Just switch on night toggle and your calls will automatically be sent to your preconfigured out of hours system.

Call data:

All your call data in one place

View the call data of all the calls you have made in realtime on the web.

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How can Personalised Ring Groups help your business?

Restaurant or takeaway

With social distancing rules your business might now need more phone line capacity as people make more calls to order in advance.

By using MultiCall you can spread the load. The kitchen can concentrate on making the food, and the orders could be captured by somebody in the front office or at home, sending emailed orders into the kitchen. Alternatively one person could capture most of the orders, but any overflow could go to staff in the kitchen or another team member at home. Multi call makes sure that your don’t loose any precious business.


With social distancing customers might ring the shop to find out about opening hours and product availability.

The system allows the shop to field multiple calls and even pass the overflow calls to another member of staff at home or on their mobile. This way you don’t miss any calls, any unanswered calls are transferred to vociemail and then emailed to you directly.

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