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How to start your journey to the cloud

If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here

There’s a well known joke about a tourist in Ireland who asks one of the locals for directions to Dublin. The man replies: ‘Well sir, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here’.

This is true for most organisations starting their journey to the cloud. A lot of it is in the preparation and planning. That’s why we have developed our ten point plan.

Why do you need a managed service?

The internet is like the spine of a business – it needs to be managed and protected.

Cloud based applications have shown their value during the Pandemic and in doing so have highlighted the importance of a reliable and secure network.

When your business depends on your network connectivity, relying on a single broadband connection is risky business – not to mention the need for security and keeping on top of updates.

So let’s make it easier:

You manage your business and we will manage your devices connectivity to the Web, their security, and all the Microsoft applications that you will use.

How do we manage your network and devices?

Clarity Cloud maintains compatibility & security across all your network and connected devices.

How do we manage your Microsoft services?

What are the 4 core tasks?

Clarity Cloud maintains compatibility and security across all your connected devices for ease of use across your organisation. We manage:

Ensure your network is capable of managing a journey to the cloud

Ensure devices have up to date software & adequate protection

Structure a data policy for all company data

Manage Microsoft services

Scale of task depends
on the starting point

Cloud Lite

Cloud lite assumes network is ok & manages devices connected on the current network

Cloud Pro

Cloud pro includes physical network review

Clarity Cloud

A managed service for Microsoft business applications.

Cloud Lite

Cloud Pro

Broadband performance review

Structured cable review

Network infrastructure

Device audit

Software audit

WiFi review

Data management review


Telecoms review



Mobile access



Remote access




“As our business continues to expand and grow within the UK and beyond we rely on our Partners such as Clarity to ensure we are meeting client demand and service delivery each and every time. With their great support we are able to guarantee our services and have achieved significant cost saving”

Graeme McCandless, Operations Director, Envision Intelligent Solutions Ltd

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