Can your business afford not to record calls?

Author: David Whelan

Businesses are always in search of cost-effective ways to better understand the needs of their customers. They review analytics and compare results in order to identify the level of overall customer satisfaction, and to identify any gaps in business performance.   

Whilst satisfaction ratings and sales figures are the most common and obvious way to monitor the success of a business, it is also important to observe customer-facing employees in action. This is where call recording systems can come into play.  

 Recording customer calls enables businesses to monitor any interaction between its employees and its customers. This allows for the easy identification of certain areas of the business which may need to be improved, or any persistent problems that customers are experiencing with a particular product or service.  

Call recording enables businesses to provide employees with feedback as to how they are dealing with customers whilst providing managers with an opportunity to help teams improve phone etiquette and communication skills. By monitoring calls, managers can provide effective selling tips to its employees and advise how to improve the care and support offered to customers.  

 Monitoring the information gathered from call recordings can help a business to steer its marketing efforts in the right direction and adjust its strategy accordingly.  

 It can also help a business to comply with any legal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines, and can be especially beneficial when resolving a dispute with an unhappy customer. With proof of the exchange, a business may be able to save both time and money.   

 It is common for both customers and businesses to be wary of using call recording software due to the confidential and sensitive information often shared.  

 If a business makes it clear to its customers what the purpose of the recording is, whether to monitor potential problems or as a tool for training and employee improvement, then call recording processes can be an extremely useful tool for all involved.  

  Ultimately, call recording is an easy way to improve efficiency, improve the quality of the customer service and increase sales revenue, and should be viewed by businesses as a tool for protection, rather than a threat. 

 Seeking professional advice from technical experts will allow managers to determine whether integrating a call recording system is suitable for the business and will help ensure the chosen software is used effectively as a way of potentially increasing revenue and improving the overall customer experience.