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Clarity Products to enhance your communication

Mobile Applications

Call Transfer

You can port transfer internally using the hot buttons on your phone and also transfer calls externally.

Calling Card

Provide a ‘top up’ style calling card for your staff or guests.

Conference Room

Get a meeting room number which allows you to host conference rooms whenever you like. Lock your room with a pin if required.

Find Me

Have one number that can reach you anywhere in the world, at any time, for the cost of a local call.

Low Cost International Calls

Make use of cheap international rates from either your landline or mobile. A fantastic way to reduce your international spend.

Mobile Calls Abroad

Use 3G or Wifi on your mobile phone to make calls abroad without the hefty roaming charges.

Pocket PBX

Have the power of a traditional phone system in the cloud, accessible through a number of mobiles. Fantastic for mobile teams.

WIFI Mobile Calls

Make your business calls while anywhere with a Wifi connection. A great product for those with poor cell coverage.

Low Cost Line Applications

Auto Attendant

Plays a message and offers the caller a selection of services that they can choose from. Will route calls to specific devices.

Call Queue

Holds a call in a queue until the number is able to answer it.

Department Direct Dial

Forward calls to a group of mobile phones or alternate land lines that you specify.

Direct Dial

Enhance your existing phone system with DDI (Direct Dial Inwards numbers).

International Phone Numbers

Obtain a number for anywhere in the world. The calls that you receive on this number will then be transported back to your home number for the price of a local call.

New Number New Lines

Utilise the spare capacity on your broadband line to get a second or third line at a fraction of the cost of a normal phone line.

Regional Phone Numbers

Specify the geographic region you need a phone number for and we will provide it.  Calls you receive on this number ring into any other phone number you specify, mobile or landline.

Same Number Extra Lines

With this application we transfer your phone number to our system and give it extra capacity.

Productivity Applications

Call Recording

You use this application in conjunction with other Clarity applications.  Once you make or receive a call on your mobile or landline using these services you can then record the call by pressing #7.

Disaster Recovery

This backup service ensures that in the event of a landline disaster all incoming calls (to the affected lines) are quickly diverted to pre-defined phones.

Message Pad

A flexible messaging system for when you want a voicemail to be emailed to yourself, or others.

Web Meetings

This application allows you to share your desktop contents with up to 10 users.

Voice over IP Applications

Pocket PBX

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Virtual PBX

With our on line phone system you are able to link a number of users together on the same system no matter where they are in the world.

VoIP for Multi Users

With this application you can adapt your phone system to VoIP.

VoIP for Single User

Not only can you make calls for free, you can also call all over the world at very low costs.

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